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Khalil Mack vs Ohio State

September 1, 2013

-Has gotten walled off on a few weak side runs in a row now, needs to disengage

-Very good initial punch and bullrush, but loses sight of the ball

-Another good pass rush where he bullrushes the OT back, creating pressure, just misses sack

-Good pursuit on a run play chasing Miller down

-Beats OT on swim move to the outside, 1st time he’s used it, good move

-Absolutely dominates the RT for a sack. Fully extends and gets into him quickly. Beat him on a straight bullrush.

-Does the exact same the next play, Miller just gets rid of it. Has a very strong initial punch

-Understands how to pass defenders off in zone coverage

-LT drives him back 3 yards on 4th & Short

-Does a good job of not getting reached on a sweep play, forcing the play back inside

-Beats the LT on a stutter step move to the inside, good quickness. Does everything but make the sack. Has Miller but couldn’t bring him down

-Mack dodges the cut block by the LT and Miller throws it right to him for a pick 6

-Best move of the day. Vs. the RT he wins with a dip move for a sack. Came off the ball slow, then exploded into his dip move. Impressive

-Couldn’t tell if he was running a stunt, but the OL got his hands on him and drove him down the LOS

-Lined up as DT, tried to win with a spin move but the G didn’t fall for it. Didn’t look comfortable/confident inside

-Like most good pass rushers, running at him is the best way to attack him

-Lined up as DT, 3 tech this time, and he gives the LG a stutter step, and converts his speed to power nicely. Strong bull rush. Gets into backfield for a sack. Penalty, no play.

-OSU runs a read option his way, beats the TE on an inside swim move, and makes the TFL. He’s all over the field at this point.

-From a 4-3 Sam spot, OSU runs a swing pass to the back, Mack fights off the block, and makes the tackle for a gain of 1.

-From 3 tech again, uses his stutter step/bull rush move to push the pocket. Pushed the G about 3 yards into the backfield. Miller scrambled for long gain

-OSU finally realizes it’s a good idea to double him, in the 4th qtr.

-Much more effective when he can be aggressive and go get the QB from the 3-4 OLB as opposed to 4-3 SAM when he has to wait and diagnose the play. Used an array of moves to win this game. Potentially a special player.


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