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Cyrus Kouandjio vs. Virginia Tech

September 1, 2013

-Shows off quick feet on 1st pass rush

-Hasn’t really been challenged yet, but midway through the 1st he hasn’t been beat

-Gets to his 2nd, 3rd step quickly in his kick slide, active hands

-Gets beat on an inside swim move, CK oversets for an outside rush

-Gets under his man and drives him 5 yards down the field for a pancake block, first wow play

-Not sure how strong his punch is, DE brushes his back a few steps on his bull rush

-DE tries to beat him outside on swim, CK drops his head and has to hold

-Misreads a Texas stunt and allows the QB to get hit

-Athleticism/footwork not an issue. Quick feet. Isn’t overly powerful

-Over extends and gets beat, DE makes TFL

-2nd time he’s gotten beat on an inside swim move

-Gets caught somewhat flat footed and DE beats him inside on a speed move

-Doesn’t know when to pass off his man for combo block. Late getting to his man, DE hits the QB

-Good down block on DT, pancake

-DE has tried to beat him around the corner, CK is too quick, hasn’t given up the edge yet

-DE tries to go back to inside swim, CK moves his feet nicely to pick him up

-Over extends and allows him man to blow the play up in the backfield

-12 min left in the 4th qtr DE tries to bullrush CK, he stands him up, then drives him back into the ground. Nasty OL type play that I was expecting to see more of

CK has a tendency to drop his head/over extend and get beat. Also got beat a few times on his inside as a result of setting outside too hard. He’ll have to stay more balanced. Once he gets momentum going he can be quite strong, expected to see a more powerful type traditional Bama OL, he’s not that player. Was a less than impressive performance to say the least.


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