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Worst Weekend Ever

April 8, 2013

This writer just endured the worst weekend ever. This writer got off work at 5 p.m. racing home to watch his favorite baseball team the Atlanta Braves try and advance into the real MLB playoffs. When he left work the score was 2-0.  Smiling from ear to ear as he sped home, if that’s possible, on his 15 speed bike to watch the rest of the game. By the time he got home, the score was 3-2, and the Braves never would regain the lead again. A painful night for the writer, as he had to endure all the mockery of his team for the rest of the night. On Saturday, the writer would seemingly have a much easier day. As 2 touchdown favorite FSU had a night game, against what one would think to be an easy match-up vs N.C. State. 16-0 at half and the writer was on his high horse poking fun of Miami fans. His high horse turned from Secretariat to Mr. Ed. FSU didn’t score in the 2nd half, as the writer had another eventful night of criticism from all his friends, ouch. Sunday Night. Prime-time. San Diego is off to play the win-less Saints. Let’s jump to the 4th quarter, final drive, Rivers launches a deep ball to Gates, complete to the 20. Wait, offensive pass interference? Huge drive killer, eventually costing them the game. What looked to be a great sports weekend, literally turned into the worst, weekend, ever!


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