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Do’s and Don’ts of March Madness

April 8, 2013

It’s here, that great time of year where water cooler talk heats up, where legends are made and dreams are shattered. It can only be defined by one word. Madness. March Madness. It’s that time where you find out how much that guy in cubicle four knows about basketball, how much that cute girl actually pays attention to sports and of course how much you look like a genius amongst your peers. (Believe us when we say this, everyone feels like a genius when they get a Final Four team right) But it’s also the de-facto best sporting event out there. For the next couple of weeks millions will tune in and watch college athletes battle it out in a gauntlet of games on their way to New Orleans to make it to the coveted Final Four. Your job is to guess who makes it there. As many of you are filling out and completing your  brackets we want to give you a couple Do’s and Don’ts to help you as you fill out that bracket so you don’t look like the fool when it’s all said and done.

Do go based of history numbers don’t lie. Jay-Z said it. So it is true.

Do pick one 12 seed-they’ve won a game 24 of 27 years. Fact.

Don’t go Out of control on the upsets. It looks cool, until you’re already eliminated from winning any pool in the round of 32.

Do find out who’s hot. Check a teams last few games to see if they are on a nice little run. It could be the difference.

Don’t trust those 2 seeds! Once in the last 15 years has all 2 seeds made the sweet 16(sorry Coach K)

Do have a double digit seed in the sweet 16-in those 15 years all but 3 have produced a double digit seed(yup, WVU looks the part)

Don’t have all 4 #1 seeds in the final four. What’s cool about having a pocket of all one dollar bills? Nothing. Neither is picking all the one seeds. Is it easy? yeah. Does it happen?  It’s happened once in the last few years. Yeah once, 2008. So that ‘Cuse winning it all thing you got going on? Stop that. (Plus they can’t rebound, but we won’t dwell that deep into it.)

Do find her. Cinderella is going shoe shopping right now, it’s your job to find out where is it in the SOUTH, WEST, EAST, or the MIDWEST. She is somewhere.

Do have a #1 seed winning it all. Sounds contradicting I know, the big boys do end up taking home the belt the majority of the time.

Do ask your girlfriend/sidechick who would win if your stuck-Trust me, it works. Do they know who Kidd-Gilchrist is? No, they probably think he’s a guy from their favorite show “The Voice” but their never wrong in these situations. The less they know, the better they are.

Don’t outthink yourself. You’re not a know-it-all just because you’ve watched ESPN 16 hours straight and watched Obama fill out his bracket. Just pick based on the single digit games you’ve watched all year, it might help.

Don’t be biased-The hardest thing about feeling these things out. We get it, you went to school there, that doesn’t mean Iowa State is gonna breeze to the Final Four. And yeah he’s a great coach, we all like him, but face it, Duke isn’t going to make the final four (Sorry Coach K)

There are going to be upsets. It’s just the nature of the tourney.

If you are serious: Check this stat FREE THROW PERCENTAGE.  Free throws win games. Ask the 2008 Memphis team. (Well technically their wins were vacated that year because of Derrick Rose and his SAT sco… I’m getting off topic) 
Don’t act like you are a super genius if you get some picks. Picking that nine seed to beat an eight doesn’t make you a Bracket Master and honestly that happens quite a bit. So if you feel you got the most picks right, chances are someone got more than you.
 Do pay attention to this. A 10 will beat a 7. Believe me. It will. Numbers do not lie.
Don’t pay attention to records. The best record doesn’t win the title. UConn was a subpar team in the Big East last year.
 Do go with your gut. If you feel that the Baylor Bears are going to sweep through the tourney in their highlighter jerseys, go with it. It’s your choice.

Don’t pick based on colors. But if you do note this: since 2004 the winner has had a shade of blue as their primary color.
Don’t pay too much attention to conferences.  

We would tell you more, but we got our own pools to win. But,

HAVE FUN. It’s the best time of year enjoy it.


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